In Memory
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This is what my daughter wrote for me and I wish I could have found these words to tell my Mamma while she was still with me!

In this world there are many treasures.
To find them, different people go to different measures.
But to find my treasure, All I have to do,
Is to look in front of me and there I'll find you.

You're all a daughter could want, a best friend, a teacher, a rolemodel, and a mother, all at the same time.
I love you Mamma, Maria Perez

In memory of Maggie by Jason Eckelberry

You were a sweet person, You spread the joys of life and the Lord, I loved when you would tease Wayne by calling me your boyfriend, and you always looked for me at church and say "there's my boy Jason", and I always gave you a hug.
Now Maggie you've left for a better place where you'll be happy, over there you'll suffer no more and you will rejoice for all eternity and some sweet day I hope to meet you over on the other side and help you give God the Glory...

God breathed the breath of Life into you so many years ago to bring to this world a bit of joy, bring us the sons and daughters that you loved so very much, you cared about others and loved them so, you touched us while you were here and now God saw the pain you were suffering and took you out of this world to reward you with a mansion in the sky.

I'll miss you Maggie but I know you're in a better place now and you're finally rejoicing with those angels....
Jason (age 15)

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