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Poems by Maria Magdeline Perez

Table of Contents

  My Love
  My Treasure
  The Sweetheart Dance
  True Love
  One Of These Days
  My Wish
  Sea of Misery
  Sister I've Never Had
  So It Seems
  Always With Love
  Matter of Time
  Wake Up
  To Me
  Love Is A Feeling
  A Secret Not Meant To Keep
  All I Can Think Of
  Drawing A Blank
  Don't Depart
  Hard Enough
  I'm Giving You A Gift
  My Everything



Everytime I turn around,
Someone is there,
To take me down.

When I'm about to reach my goal,
He's always ahead,
In my path, digging a hole.

He'll always be there in my way,
Until to my eternal home,
I'm taken to stay.

Only Satan is the Fraud,
So watching my step,
I'm keeping my eyes on God.

He knew me before my earliest breath of life,
He knew me through,
All of my Sorrow, Pain, and Strife.

God will help us no matter what we do,
Because He always has,
And always will, love me and you.

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God is so wonderful that,
He forgives both you and me.
Even when we act,
As stubborn as can be.

He forgives us,
Many a times.
Even when we give Him petty excuses,
Or pathetic lying lines.

God helps me understand things,
Things I do not know.
These are some of the many reasons,
Why I love him so.

I will praise God,
By lifting up my voice.
Because the Bible says,
Unto the Lord, make a joyful noise.

Gods forgiveness is very,
Very true.
So forgive others,
So God can forgive you.

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Love Is A Feeling

Love is a feeling,
That comes from the heart.
Love is a feeling,
That gives us a new start.

Love is a feeling,
That comes from the soul.
Love is a feeling,
That makes us whole.

Love is a feeling,
That can make a great start.
Love is a feeling,
That can tear you apart.

Love is a feeling,
That is very appealing.
Love is a feeling,
That is more than just a FEELING.

Love is LOVE!

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Love is like a river,
Different in every way.
Love is like a river,
It changes everyday.

Love is like a river,
It has it's ups and downs.
Love is like a river,
It gets smiles and frowns.

Love is like a river,
Sometimes it makes you mad.
Love is like a river,
Somestimes it makes you glad.

Love is like a river,
Sometimes it gets way too deep.
Love is like a river,


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Everytime I close my eyes,
I remember, my heart tells no lies.

Everytime I look in the night sky,
I see the stars as the twinkle in your eye.

Silence is what I hear a lot,
Then I remember, with me, you are not,

Even when I'm feeling down and blue,
All I think about, is how I love you.

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Here I sit,
All broken hearted,
Aimed to write a poem,
But all thoughts are departed.

Here I sit,
Pen in hand,
But in my head,
No thoughts do land.

Here I sit,
With a great big frown,
And I'm aiming,
To put my pencil down.

Here I sit,
No thought in mind,
Then I hear,
A shuffle from behind.

Here I sit,
Wondering what it could be.
Then with no warning,
A poem comes to me.

"Who is making this noise
From behind?
Be this person mean or
Be this person kind?"

Having thought this
I turn around.
Only to find my kitten,
Her name is Clown.

I go back to my paper
With nothing to write.
So I look at the clock,
It's eleven at night.

I'm drawing a blank,
And can not think.
So into my bed,
I'm going to sink.

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When I first saw you,
I knew there was something there.
When I got to know you,
There was love in the Air.

Three years later,
you asked me out.
To say yes,
I had no doubt.

I smile when you say,
it's me that you miss.
I blush when you,
lean in for a kiss.

I miss you every second,
of every day,
And I hope our relationship
stays this way.

On kindness,
you would get my bet,
'cause you're the,
sweetest guy I've ever met.

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That's what we are.
It wasn't our choice,
or our decision.
But no matter what we are,
We will always be friends.
No matter what you say to me,
or what you do,
We will always be friends and I'll always
be there for you.

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Why does there have to be so
much worry in this life?
Why does there have to be
so much pain and strife?

Why can't we all
just lend a helping hand?
Can't we just listen
and try to understand?

You have to help others,
even with love this is just a starter.
Life is hard enough without
people trying to make it harder.

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You've been through a lot more than I have.
You probably know a lot more than I do.
But about the time and world I live in.
You seem to know so few.

I know you do your best to try to relate to me.
I also know that we don't always see eye to eye.
But we have a lot in common,
A lot in common both you and I.

I'm giving a gift everyone can afford.
A gift you can't get enough of.
A gift you can't get enough of.
I'm giving a gift that applies in different ways.
A gift of, yes you guessed it, of love.

Even though I don't often say
The words I love you.
I always will.

No matter what you say and no matter what you do.

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I don't always say
what I feel,
Because sometimes my
words can be way to real.

I hardly ever say
what's really on my mind,
'cause I always end up
leaving someone behind.

My words never apply
what I mean to say,
They never seem to
come out the right way.

OR... what's on my mind,
is what I say and what I mean, maybe,
Maybe you get hurt or can't understand
because you're just not listening to me.

Listen before you speak.
listen before you pout,
Because what other people are saying
you might not know what to argue about.

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I know I don't always act mature
Or in the correct and proper way.
I know there's a difference between
What I do and what I say.

The little things don't matter as much
As they use to matter to me,
Especially when I think of
The relationship between you and me.

If I could go back in time
And start my life anew,
I would be more obedient, more helpful,
And nicer towards you.

I love you
And you know I always will.
When I think of life without you,
My heart comes to a stand still.

You're not only my mother but also
A teacher, a role model, a helper, and a best friend.
Because of these things,
I'll never let our relationship end.

Everything that I have,
And everything I do,
It's not because of me,
But it's because of you.

So when I ask myself the question,
"Without you, what would I be?"
I will reply to myself,
"I'd be nothing 'cause you're everything to me."

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In this world there are
many treasures.
To find them, different people
go to different measures.

But to find my treasure,
All I have to do,
Is to look in front of me
and there I'll find you.


You're all a daughter can want,
a best friend, a teacher, a role
model, a mother, and you do it
all at the same time. You'll
never know how much I appreciate
you and love you for that.

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My love went far away,
Far away is he.
My love, "Do not stay!,
Please come back to me!"

My love went to join the war,
To help this country out.
He said he couldn't love me more,
From the inside out.

He isn't far away anymore,
He's holding me in his arms.
He's making my heart soar,
With mesmerizing charms.

My love went far away,
To a far away land.
But he did not stay,
He came back to be my husband.

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I don't know what to say to you.
I don't know how to act around you.
At least not anymore.

You hurt me and broke my heart,
yet I let you back into it,
And you did it all over again.

I thought that you were different from
all the other guys,
But you are just like them, but...
only candy coated.

I thought that you were special because
you gave me that...different feeling.
But you hurt me so incredibly
bad, and you don't even know.

The part that hurts the most is
that I'm still in love with you.
Now, on top of that, I have to see
you in anothers arms at the Sweetheart Dance

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Love is like a rose, it takes time to bloom, but when it
does it's beautiful.

It may branch out fast, it may branch out slow, but if it
doesn't branch out, it probably isn't true love.

Sometimes people think love is when someone, in their
eyes, is cute, but love is when there is something magical
and sweet between two people. It's when there is just
something there.

Love is life; life is love; without love you die inside.
Love is like a rose, when it opens, it opens your life to all.
sorts of experiences and feelings that a person has never felt

Love is unexpected and beautiful. It brings a smile to
your face when you receive it and it feels good to give it
away to someone special.

Love is soft and tender, but it also has thorns that you
have to cut off before giving it away to that one lucky


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What is life? That all may live?
What is death? That all may die?
These questions would not be asked
by my mortal breath say I.

Is life something that we must live?
Is death the same?
For these unanswerable questions,
Who shall we blame?

Is death "HELL"?
Or is it all just a renewal
Of our (im) mortal birth?

Who will try to answer the unanswerable
Questions of life and death?
Not I! I won't!
Not with my mortal breath.

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One of these days I'll come crawling
back to you like I have time and
time before.

One of these days I'll come to love
you like I have so many times

With this attitude "One of these days"
will never come

Do what you want to do, but remember
Who is watching you.

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When women are still girls,
They want to be as their mothers are.
This is what we should wish,
Upon our own wishing star.

I wished,
I could be just like you,
But now,
My wishing days are few.

Though my age is young,
And I know of my life an inkling,
I have realized, in my short life
only one little something.

My wish,
It came true.
I am,
Just like you.

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All I see when I think of me
Is a bed full of black misery

I see myself under a sea of roses
With green strands that strike arrogant poses.

Sometimes the sweet smell makes me mad
Because it is so happy and I am so sad.

To slip into it is so easy
Into the unrecognizable sea of misery.

I'm here in my new found bed of lonliness
All alone in the still quietness.

The sea of misery is where I belong now
To this place I took a sacred vow.

A vow that no mortal can surpress
'cause out of this feild you can't retrogress.

Now I lay in my lonely bed from which no man will awake
'Cause their lives can no longer be at stake.

My lonely heart belongs in the lonely field.
When it finds that lonely bed in the field full
of misery it will make that very bed its home.

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You've been my best friend
since I could remember.
We've been through good times
and a couple of bad,
but that is what makes
friends have the best
in front of it.
Saturday we became
cousins. That was
the happiest and
saddest day of my
life. You and you
alone have helped
me see more happy
than bad things
about the marraige.
You've been more
than a best friend
to me. You've been
the sister I've never

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If you were to wish
upon a little wishing star,
Would you wish for me to be
very near or very far?

Would you wish be for that girl
that's hanging on your arm,
The one with the red hair,
beauty, and even charm?

I make my wishes
inside my head,
Today is that I was with you
but she is instead.

At night, when in my dreams
I see you,
You tell me that you love me,
Which started my life anew.

I wish my dreams were my
life and my life were my dreams,
Then everything would be alright,
or so it seems.

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It's so hard to say goodbye
to the ones I love.
Harder to say it to you,
the one I dream of.

With pen in hand,
You on my mind,
These thoughts are
What I do find.

Think of:

The heat of the sun,
as my gentle embrace.
The rain as my kisses,
upon your face.

The wind as my wisper,
upon your soft cheek
The stars, as my eyes,
with yours, do lovingly meet.

Think these things
and we'll be close in mind and heart.
with these memories
we'll never be apart.

With all my faith,
in Heaven above,
I will know you,
Always with Love.

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There were many times in my life,
That I didn't feel worthy of your love.
There were many times in my life,
That I didn't feel worthy of the gifts from above.

There were many times in my life,
That I dreamed of going home.
There were many times in my life,
That, from your love, I would roam.

But no matter what I did,
You kept me in your embrace.
I still would live in ignorance,
and from you I'd turn my face.

I know that I would hurt you,
And tell you to leave me alone.
But, Lord, I knew that you knew,
That I wasn't trying to come home.

I know I didn't do your will,
And love you every day.
I knew it wasn't the way to live,
And the futile price, I would pay.

I know I could have sang in Heaven,
Singing praises to your name.
I know that the price to pay,
Would not have been the same.

I know I chose to live my life,
The way I wanted to.
I know that in the back of my head,
You would say, "Daughter, I love you."

I made my choice, which was,
To turn my back on you.
I should have been born again,
And started life anew.

I told you that I didn't need you,
And you sadly said, "Child, very well."
Now, I'm paying the final price,
In the pits of Hell.

My message through this poem is,
To get your life in line.
Because 'til the day that Jesus returns,
Is only a matter of time.

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Itís time for fun and laughter.
Itís time to run and play.
So get up, get up my princess.
Itís time to start a new day.

Run and laugh.
Run and play.
Get up and dance
And greet the day.

Wake up, my beautiful angel.
Wake up and see the sun.
Get up, my gorgeous sweetheart.
Get up and have some fun.

Grab a toy.
Grab a book.
Open it up
And take a look.

Wake up. Wake up my baby.
Wake up and see the sky.
Get up. Get up my honey.
Before the day passes by.

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To Me

My mother is to me,
Like the very breath of life.
She brought me through,
My pain, sorrow, and strife.

She is my everything,
My one true friend.
All my secrets,
To her ears, I lend.

She is my heart,
She is my soul.
Without her,
I wouldnít be whole.

My wishes,
Simple as they were.
Came true,
Iím just like her.

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