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More Poetry by Jason L. Eckelberry

Jason really has a heart to put his thoughts and feelings into writing. I hope you enjoy his talent as much as I do.

A couple

A couple is two people who are together and care for each other, who can still be Christians and still live in the "90's" who can trust one another and still love each other for what?,
not for what they are buy who they are inside, though Life feeds them many problems they still stay together, they may have their separations, but they are always there in some way caring for each other in any way they possibly can, and after they are sure in their minds and in their hearts, they take a further step and get married, and live life full and together, and even though they have complete differences in their personalities and families, they still put these things behind them, and they still love and care for one another and live for their bond of love and trust together.

The Gift Of?.....

The world has a gift a gift of all the most important things
the gift is one of the simplest gifts of all the gifts
The gift in one of the most complex gifts of all
The gift can be so very hard to find
The gift can be the simplest to find in any place
yet the gift some never find
and the gift to some is over abundant to them
an yet this gift is one of the gifts that we receive from somebody
every day in some way or in some form yet some of us can't ever realize
that they do for these people have never opened their eyes to the world of


The summer days have long gone, the autum days have not to long, the cover of winter tosses in the night, while the day gives it a fright,

the trees are caught in the war, is winter here and autum alore, washed afar in this war, we shall see that winter will have the glore though some may not adore,

the war will be won with winters glore, and some will adore, yet winter will loose the game to someday, when spring aroars, winter will be cast down

and spring shall wear the crown, then the trees have won for the blossoms show they have won, then spring shall bow down and give summer the crown, then the days will be long for

summer wants to bow no more than any other season adore...


A place where bodies lay to decay,
where the soul goes either way,
where the days are left to pass,
where the mourners contrast the days have past,
and the days that have not yet come to pass,
for in this place Hell stares you in the face,
and Heaven contrasts; your faith
where the days of our lives are put up to judge,
We all must face the rath that the end has come
to fast,.....

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