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My Grandmother gave me the name of Little Moccasins
She went home to heaven when I was 2 years old,
and I know that she will be waiting for me at the Eastern Gate.

A little about myself: First and most important I am a born again believer
that Jesus Christ died upon the Cross and rose after three days and now sits
at the right hand of God the Father.
Nails did not hold Jesus to the Cross, but His love for you and I did!!
I am married and have 4 children (Young Adults)
3 Sons: Ryanzo 20, Nikomas 19, Sky 18, and 1 daughter Maria 17.
I am 1/4 Blackfoot and 1/8 Apache.
God be with you and keep you!!

I can't draw but I found that I could design. I will add more as I finish
the beadwork. If you take a design please let me know and give me credit for
them please. Hope you enjoy them. I will have pictures of my kids as I get them.
The pics that is!!!!!

Come and (Little Fawn)
and see the belt I made for her

Come and (Born of the Moon)
and see the beadwork on a bag I made for him.

Come and (Star Gazer)
and see the Beadwork on a bag I made for him.

Come and (Rising Sun)
and see the beadwork on a bag I made for him.

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God bless allthat have left their moccasin prints.


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