Poetry from the students at Xenia Community Church
Xenia, IL

by: Maria Perez 8th grade

Love is something
that everyone knows.
Love is something
that not everyone shows.

Love is something
that you should cherrish.
Love is something
that cannot perrish.

God gives us
a kind of love,
That you can't possibly
get enough of.

So go and spread
the good news,
Because love is something
Everyone can use.

Spiritual Gifts
by: Maria Perez

Every person has
a spiritual gift.
Some have fantastic
voices that they can lift.

Some have the
gift to preach.
Some even have
the gift to teach.

Some have the
Street ministry gift.
That makes a lot
of peoples weight shift.

Some people have
the gift to play music.
Some don't have the
sense to use it.

But what I'm
trying to say,
is use your gift
or it'll disappear someday.

To Fear
by: Jason Eckelberry 8th grade

To Fear the Lord may seem strange
But to fear the Lord is to begin the wisdom of all and
of All above

To Fear the Lord is to open your heart
to greater things, it is to simply learn to
understand Him

To Fear the Lord may seem strange to
some But to you and me it is the beginning of
All wisdom

Let Him Hear
by: Jason Eckelberry

He who has an ear, Listen,
Listen to the Spirit, the Spirit of Christ,
He who has an ear, let him hear, let him hear
for the churches, For the churches need to act as one,
He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit
says to the churches, For the Spirit guides
the churches from the gates of Hell to the gates of Heaven
He who has an ear let him Listen, Listen to the people,
for the devil manipulates his way through the people,
He who has an ear let him Listen, let him Listen to himself
for the devil can work through anyone, He who has an
ear let him hear, let him hear what the Spirit says
to the people

Subject lesson April 1, 1998: POWER OF FORGIVENESS!

Power of Forgiveness
by: Codi Busby age 7

God will forgive when I lie
God will forgive when I fight
God will forgive when I don't listen to my mom
God will forgive when I do bad things
God will forgive when I punch someone.

Power of Forgiveness
by: Jessica Allen 8th grade

The power of forgiveness is like the power to talk
in front of a lot of people. God will forgive you for many
things you do. You have to have the power to ask God to
forgive you and also to ask people to forgive you. In the
power of forgiveness there is to be the power of love.
When you ask someone to forgive you, you have taken the
burden off your shoulders and no longer should worry about
it. It is the other person who decides if they will
forgive you. If they don't accept your forgiveness it is
their problem to worry about. It is no longer for you to
worry about. You should also ask forgiveness and mean what
you say. The power of forgiveness is a very powerful thing.
Please forgive people for things they did and ask God to
forgive you for things you did. Remember, God loves you!

Power of Forgiveness!
by: Chasity Busby 8th grade

I think we should forgive everybody no matter what they
did. It doesn't matter who you are, you should forgive
everybody. If God forgave everybody then we should
forgive also. You need to let Jesus into your heart.
My reason why I think I should let Jesus in my heart
because great things can happen. My poem:
Did I ever tell you how much you mean to me?
You open up my eyes to things I didn't see.
I know I have said things that hurt you and things that I
said out of anger.
Now I just hope and pray
that you will find it in your heart to forgive me someday.
I'm writing this in my way of saying "I love you 4-ever"
I hope you will also be able to say that to me.

Seek and Recieve
by: Jason Eckelberry 8th grade

The Power of Forgiveness
has many problems, forgiveness takes more than to say I
forgive you, you need to ask for forgiveness, for if you
don't ask for forgiveness you will not recieve it, you
will suffer for the Lord will not forgive you, For he
says, He who seeks shall recieve it, in other words ask
for forgiveness and you will recieve forgiveness for the
Lord is a mercyful God who will forgive as long as you
serve him and ask for forgiveness.

Jasons page of Thoughts
In memory of Mamma

Power of Forgiveness:
by: Sara Engles 8th grade

God will forgive when I do bad stuff
God will forgive when I act stuckup
The Power of forgiveness is a virtue,
So I should obey my mothers curfew.

Definition of Forgiveness
by: Maria Perez 8th grade

To forgive is: to pardon or excuse,
even if your feelings someone did misuse.

To forgive is: to no longer be angry with someone
who has done you wrong.
Even if they hurt you inside or
out, and it continues to this day on.

To forgive is: to make someone free of blame.
Even if your reputation they did shame.

Our Father in Heaven will forgive us
no matter what we do.
So do unto others what you want
our Father to do unto you!
scripture foundations: Matt. 6:14 & Col. 3:13

Power of Forgiveness
by: Kasandra Henson 6th grade

Power of forgivness: God will not forgive me
when I can't forgive others. God will forgive
me if I forgive others even if they can't forgive me
The Lord will forgive me when I do wrong things.
The Lord will forgive me when I lose hope in him or in others.
foundation scripture First Peter 3:15

If you were ministered to by these poems please let me know by e-mail
so I may give the children in my class some encouragment to continue
with their thought provoking gift of writing.
They hear it from me all the time, so I thought it would be a blessing
to them if they heard others encouraging words!!!

The Children received this award 6/27/98

A big God bless you to Tom & Madeleine!

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